• 11/29 - w/ Vessel @ Cosmic Charlie's - Lexington, KY
  • 12/7 - w/ Vessel @ The Coup - Clarksville, TN
  • 12/13 - w/ Vessel @ Lamasco - Evansville, IN
  • 12/20 - w/ Vessel @ the Mousetrap - Indianapolis, IN
  • 12/21 - w/ Vessel @ Tidball's - Bowling Green, KY
  • ***PERFORMANCE DATES 2014***
  • 1/10 - w/ Flecktones Tribute @ Blind Tiger - Greensboro, NC
  • 1/11 - w/ Flecktones Tribute @ Lincoln Theater - Raleigh, NC
  • 1/17 - w/ Flecktones Tribute @ One Stop - Asheville, SC
  • 1/18 - w/ Flecktones Tribute @ Pour House - Charleston, SC
  • 1/24 - w/ Flecktones Tribute @ TBA
  • 1/25 - w/ Flecktones Tribute @ Soap Box - Wilmington, SC
  • Current Projects

    Saxophone, wind synth, etc.

    Event production and management

    Photography and video production


    Saxophone, Wind Synth


    Flecktones Tribute

    Dark Side of the Wall

    Pink Floyd Tribute

    Solo Project

    Sax, Warr Guitar, Electronics

    Saxophone, wind synth, etc.

    Event production and management

    Photography and video production

    Rex-A-Vision, Video editor

    I have the pleasure of editing some really fine performances and interviews. Vote Rex!

    Peak Summit, Event and Event Services

    Producing great events and providing event and management services to promoters.

    Jug Band Jubilee, Management Team

    Keeping the world's happiest music alive, in the city that started it all.

    Peak Summit Studios, Design / Edit

    Video and photo editing, graphic design for print, web design.

    What I've been into.

    This section will update regularly.

    * Saxophones

    1973 Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor
    1929 Buescher True Tone Soprano
    1973 Selmer Paris Mark VI Alto

    * Guitar

    Paul Reed Smith CE Standard

    * Warr Guitar

    12 String Warr Artist

    * Electronics

    Yamaha WX-5
    Ableton Live

    The Rest

    Saxophone Collecting

    Nerdily, I have a collection of 30 vintage saxophones that represent a cross-section of the technological advances of the instrument from 1920-1990. Got some nice ones, including a King Super 20 tenor and a 1925 Conn curved silver soprano. :)

    Video Production

    I have had the distinct pleasure to serve as editing staff and co-producer of some great projects.


    I've been a photographer for some time, specializing in events. What started out as a straight-ahead facet of promotions became a passion, and as a result, I've worked with some fantastic events and artists over the years.

    Web Design

    I became interested in web design in the early 2000's as a (then fairly new) promotions tool for myself and projects. I've done some corporate sites, but my artist sites have been the most fun to build.

    Some schwill

    As an artist, I've tried to expand into as many areas as I feel comfortable and confident in. I love the feeling of being 'in the zone', and have discovered that 'the zone' for music is largely the same zone that produces video and photo. I suspect that zone is similar during any activity that one considers their art, whether that be performing scientific experiments, sculpting a landscape or playing professional cricket.

    Throughout my musical career, I've worked with some good musicians across a wide spectrum of musics. I was classically trained as a youth, then moved to rock, blues, jazz and funk. Then I discovered the Flecktones. From there, I started playing bluegrass as a fiddle on soprano. Eventually, after working or doing sessions with something like 50 bands, I ended up on tour with an electronic/rock hybrid group, which got me interested in electronic music as a powerful medium. As it is now, I try to combine electronic with acoustic sounds whenever i can.


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